A tidal wave of mystery

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Enchantée, my name's Maxine. "There's a beautiful mess inside."

My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness
As you said yours once did, too
I sincerely hope that someone
simultaneously alive
Understood you, too

I dwell in the sadness of events that have not happened and that have long since gone by
But all of life cumulates in the present moment:
A place I do not frequent often enough
I spend too much time analyzing that which has come and gone
To focus on what can be controlled
Fuck I’m so sorry
For all the shit my mind puts me through
(As you stand idly by,
Wishing you could save my drowning eyes)

I live in the future
I managed to build a home in a time that doesn’t exist
Yet it is there
Within me
Its walls being torn down
In agony
Left with scratches,
My home is no longer a safe place to hide
Where do you go when there’s nowhere left to hide?

I feel a lot of things that I can’t explain
They are buried beneath the surface
Under someone else’s name

my shoulders are very sore and today was a decent day

I think one day i’ll be more or less okay

but until i can see things in a different light,

i’m doomed to rhyme every poem that i write

You don’t get me,

but I’m giving it to you anyway.

a small taste of heaven
that i’ll have to savor
until I can down the full dose

you are a medicine i’m
tempted to overdose on

how i’d love for you to be
the one that ends me

i love my eyes
i’m thankful for you
i don’t like mixed feelings
the sun leaves me lonely
how much of what i see can be proven real?
there exist limits only inside the human mind
you can believe anything if you give it enough time
gifts need not be real or concrete at all
the more abstract your thoughts the less they will cling to you
your fears do not speak for themselves, they use your mouth as a gateway to crawl through and creep around
i pray you will go with the light and let it take you to the places you are meant to be

I have wonderful people in my life
Art is soothing
As are cuddles
I am so lucky
To live
And breathe in sweet, wild air
Exhaling all that is not needed
Making room for more of what is
I should appreciate the ease
With which I can talk to you
Amongst others
Your presence is always appreciated
I hope you never feel as dark of things as I do
You’re much too full of light to smother the flames
That alight in your eyes
When you’re excited about something
The deep oceans that often recess there
Are lovely and deep
But awfully lonely
I try to hold you up
With words and hands alike
Only sometimes are my efforts successful
I want you to know
That the hiatus of our time together
Was both necessary and rewarding
That what we have together now
Was more than worth the wait

I want to be with you but I don’t need to be with you
It seems lately I’ve forgotten the difference
So filled with passion and anxiety
That I can’t differentiate between minor threats and major foes
Perhaps my Economics teacher
Had something half-useful to say
When she spoke of needs and wants—
That is,
how differently they affect the brain
It’s true—
nothing can defeat you unless you let it

I am a collection of masterpieces
Put together by the odds
Threatened by the wind
And maddened by my mom
Who can say that
Fate’s curling fingers
Were not at work as well?

A fire in an art museum
Leaves a brand new creation
The most beautiful pile of ashes
The crematorium’s ever seen

Donny Darko knew what
the fuck was going on

How terribly wrong of me
To tell people I’m “solid”
On the occasion that they ask
How I am

I’m a ship on stormy seas,
Perhaps the seas themselves
Unified and ricocheting
Off everything that tries to touch me
Infusing myself with their blood chemistry
While evacuating the premises

I’m solid as that ship
Raging upon stormy seas
Hun, you’ll need a life vest
If you ever want to love me